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Keynotes and Funshops

                             by Jeff Fleming
“Unplugged, but still wired!!” – is a keynote designed with
fun and humor in mind, using original stories to lighten any
convention or meeting and to provide the customized
message for the occasion.  Jeff feels we are God’s
cartoons, and many times he thinks his life is one big
cartoon.  Jeff helps you see the world in an uncommon way
and brings you new ways to create humor in you life.

“Duncan MacLeod” – Your perception is your reality.  If you
are looking for an unusual and creative way to transform
your next convention, conference or meeting into an
unforgettable EVENT, then you need to have “Duncan
MacLeod” as your next speaker.  Treat your attendees to a
memorable experience of humor, entertainment, motivation
and surprise.  The presentation is highly entertaining with
humor about Scotland and America as seen through a Scot’
s eyes.  Although the message can be tailored to fit the
conference theme, one powerful message is clear and that
is your perception is your reality.  Once you change your
perception, your reality changes.  

“Evening with a Country Lawyer” is provides a laugh-filled
program of entertaining humor, delivered with superb
timing and a style reminiscent of Will Rogers.  Jeff is the
lawyer that leaves them laughing with the message of  
“Search for humor, enjoy it when you find it and relieve
stress in the process.”  Life is better when you learn to
laugh more often.  Perfect for a banquet or for a
conference keynote.

“How to be Funny . . .  Intentionally” is a fun-shop in which
you learn helpful ideas and techniques on when and how to
use humor in your speeches, sales presentations, training
sessions and reports, making your audiences more
receptive to your ideas and buying your products.  

“Humor in its Place - the Work Place” is a keynote or a fun-
shop in which you learn the importance of laughter and
humor to enhance the work environment and improve
bottom line results.  Become more aware of the potential
for finding humor in your career and life.

“Removing the Monster from the Manager . . . and Letting
the Leader In”
is a fun-shop which explores important
management communication skills and techniques for
improving self-esteem, cooperation, productivity and
creativity, while at the same time, reducing stress, turnover
and burnout.

“Life is a Choice” keynote or fun-shop is an entertaining
exploration of the roller coaster ride of life, examining the
validity of your beliefs and values and arriving at the
awareness that you can determine your future by making
conscious choices today.  You can choose to live your