Jeff Fleming
for humorous motivating keynotes and funshops
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Hi !!  Just wanted you to know my most important
job is making the meeting planner look good!!!
Why should you hire
this guy?
Funny – Jeff has been sharing
humor with people since he
was in the fourth grade.  His
natural talent as a humorist, his
superb timing, and his
uncommon view of the world
makes him a hit with any

Customizes the message – He
conducts individual and group
interviews to get specific
information about your
challenges and work
environment to create the right
message that will make the
most effective impact on your

Original stories – Jeff brings his
personal stories and original
material to the audience for a
fresh approach to his topics.

Easy to work with – He is
flexible with any speaking
environment.  He has
experience working with almost
any situation to bring the
message to your audience.

Appeals to any audience  -
From corporate executives to
farmers, from senior citizens to
eighth graders, Jeff’s natural
and entertaining style allows
him to fit with most audiences.
If you need a picture, you can use this
one unless you find a better one.