Jeff Fleming
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Who is Jeff Fleming?
Jeff Fleming is an attorney, CPA and  humorist.  
According to Jeff, these occupations are not mutually
exclusive.  He is an entertaining convention and after-
dinner speaker with a style that many say is reminiscent
of Will Rogers.  In his laugh-filled
"Evening with a
Country Lawyer ,"
Jeff encourages his listeners to
"search for humor, enjoy it when you find it, and relieve
stress in the process."  

For an international flair, Jeff appears as
a zany visitor from Scotland with an authentic
Scottish accent, convincing his audience that they are
being entertained by a foreign humorist.  Oh yes, he
wears a kilt.

In addition to humorous keynote presentations, Jeff is a
consultant to corporations and associations on the
positive benefits of humor in the workplace.  He also
provides break-out or workshop sessions, including
“Removing the Monster from the Manager . . . and
Letting the Leader In,"
improving management-
employee relations, self-esteem and productivity,
"Humor in its Place - the Work Place," designed to help
anyone raise his or her humor level, and
"How to be
Funny . . .  Intentionally,"
teaching the proper way to
incorporate humor into speech and platform

Whether he appears as "The Country Lawyer" or
"Duncan MacLeod," Jeff is still the lawyer who leaves
them laughing and is convinced that life is better when
you learn to laugh more often.  To arrange for a laugh-
filled presentation, call Jeff at